Meet The Owners

Owners, Adria and Ashlee

Adria and Ashlee are childhood best friends who made a dream become reality. STACH & CO. is a upscale modern day mercantile, that is completely curated with all of their favorite things and shows off their exquisite style.

Adria lives in Guntersville with her capuchin monkey, Virgil. She is a Auburn University graduate who earned a  bachelors degree in marketing in just three short years. Since graduation she has had a very successful sales career. Adria has a wonderful passion for food (which you can taste in the homemade marinara sauce and authentic Italian marinated olives, both available for purchase at STACH & CO.).

Ashlee lives in Guntersville with her fiancé Marty, their daughter Kamryn and pup Harley. She is a University of Alabama Huntsville graduate who earned a B.S.B.A. in Marketing. After graduation Ashlee built a successful sales career of 10 years in the railroad industry. She is full of wanderlust (Which you can see in items found throughout the shop that were inspired by her travel). 

Adria, Ashlee and STACH & CO. are a powerhouse! Friendly faces, a warm welcome and their peppy  personalities will keep you coming back for more. Their passion for the shop and each item in it is inspiring  and their excitement is contagious.